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I have preached in the past that it is much better to go direct and sell your leads directly to companies, virtually skipping the middle man. I have said how you have better control over the data and can generally monetize it better. However, the hardest part is first finding advertisers who want that data and are reliable as well. This is especially true with verticals that thrive online, such as payday loans.


Well, if you are having problems jumping into direct lead selling, there is a company out there in the payday loan space that can help you get started. is known as a huge advertiser in this vertical and they are amazing to say the least. The reason I like them so much is that they are not a network so to say, even though they act as a network. Confused? Let me explain. is the advertiser, but they are more of a market to choose to where to sell the leads since you promote many different types of offers if you so choose. And the best thing is that they are the advertiser, as I said, which means direct payments. You know what that means, right? That is right! No middle-man equals more commissions in your pocket and better support since you are basically in a direct business relationship to help each other out.


Their payday loan affiliate program pretty much accepts any type of legit traffic, meaning email, PPC, PPV and organic sites can all use the program. When I read about their program being launched, the biggest thing that caught my eye and really impressed me was the following excerpt:


Affiliates can choose how to send leads to any given offer. Options include sending traffic to great looking / fantastically converting website, easily integrating the form to affiliate’s website, XML host and post, ping and post, or sending traffic to custom made website exclusive to the affiliate. Affiliates can choose from different payout options that include: flat payout per lead, revenue share, or tier structured payouts.


I love this, because it shows they care and that you really are in control of your leads, just like you would be if you negotiated a deal with a company on your own. Instead, is helping to cut out the stress that is involved in acquiring and maintaining a good client.


Another problem affiliates seem to have when they are dealing with local companies is receiving payments promptly. Payment is never an issue either with them, as you will be paid on time without any problems through various means, such as wire, direct deposit, check, Paypal and I think even Payoneer off the top of my head.


Finally, they are just a great company to work with overall. I mean, you always hear from affiliate networks that they provide the best support and the best payouts, and you don’t really believe anything they say because that is a tired, old slogan every network uses. However, I will say they do have amazing support, everything from PPC advice to email tips to killer creatives to choose from. And like I said before, their payouts kick butt compared to other payday offers.


If you want to apply for their program, visit their site at, apply and start making some killer money in a new vertical today!

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