Marketing — 02 July 2010
Creating an Email List

Email lists are Internet gold. No, forget that. A good email list is like some sort of super gold, a renewable resource that you can keep tapping for more and more income. Like an oil rig, as long as you don’t spill your entire load.Hell, that might even be a good metaphor that I might use later.

Alright, enough rambling. That is why I can’t update more, because as I write, more ideas and thoughts flow to my head. That is also the reason I don’t use Dragon Naturally Speaking, because then this post might be thousands of words long.

Okay, now on to talking about email lists. You already know that getting a customer’s email is the key to recurring income, so how about we dive right into setting up the list. WARNING! This is not for advanced marketers who are already using email marketing. This is just a basic post of software, how to set it up and integrating on your site. That is it! More will be coming soon, I promise.

As I said before in other posts, I am not a designer, coder or anything like that. I know enough to get by and outsource anything I don’t know how to do or if I need an expert. So, with that being said, let us use the easiest and most powerful out of the box CMS available, good ole WordPress. Seriously, for any content site that you are creating, there is no reason to use anything else, so start using WordPress and that only.

I will assume that some of you are looking for free solutions as well as paid ones. If you are running a small list like you probably will, these solutions that I will share will work. The first one is a free solution and the one that I first used, which is PHPList. Simple, effective and free. Does it have all the bells and whistles? No. Can mail effective email newsletters? Yes. Case closed.

There are two paid versions that I have experience with and they are pretty much the most common solutions. Those two are Constant Contact and AWeber. Both are fine and will do the job and you only pay for what you use. In the end, it is all about personal preference and one other thing, which I will go over later.

PHPList is pretty simple to use. You just have to install it and start playing around. But it has all that you need to manage all of your list, including a list builder, the ability to create multiple lists and pretty much everything else you need to start mailing. Also, it is very easy to integrate your signup form into WordPress using the PHPList Plugin, which is free.

I love the AWeber plugin for WordPress not because you it is simple to set up, but because that it gives you the option to opt-in your blog commenters as well. Think about how to explode your list with this little plugin. Write a sweet linkbait story, drop a few hundred to get to the top of Digg, get tons of comments, profit. This is one feature that I love about AWeber. Of course you can do that with the other platforms, but it will cost you or you need to learn to do it yourself.

The Constant Contact plugin for WordPress is similar to PHPList except that you don’t need to touch the site at all to integrate this signup form. Nothing special really here other then it is easy to setup, even for a noob.

So what do you do with this info? This is just basically the software to actually create a list and get you up and running. Next, I will share with you some ways to advertise your newly created newsletter.

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(5) Readers Comments

  1. Nice Post Friend!

  2. I agree entirely.

    As I was explaining to my nephew just the other day.

    If you own an offline bookshop, the people who walk through the door and proceed from you are those who happen to be in your catchment area.

    The catchment area is any distance that a person can reasonably walk, cycle or drive to. This is usually the same as the area of abode of the person in question.

    If you own an online bookshop, on the other hand, you can define your own catchment area.

    You can be in London, England, your customer can be in Tokyo, Japan, yet the person can be in your catchment area.

    When you conduct business online, your catchment area is called your 'Email List'.

    • Great example. I mean, offline businesses have been doing this forever with mailing lists, so it is just natural to do it online. It is always good to study the proven methods of offline marketing to see how you can adapt it to your online efforts.

  3. What are the options for people who don't use wordpress, is it only Aweber?

    • You can use any email platform, it just other scripts involve a tad bit of editing to the code. It is really simple to implement any email solution, it is just that the WP plugins are the easiest to intergrate.

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