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WordPress Plugins to Increase Adsense Revenue

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Today, Google Adsense can be called the most popular online contextual advertising method for online business entrepreneurs. However, implementing these programs over your WordPress blog could be a daunting experience. Hence a number of bloggers are seen struggling to earn from the Google Adsense over their blogs. But the use of several WordPress Plugins can make this task fairly hassle free for any blogger. You can find a number of Google Adsense WP plugins which gives you better control over the number of Adsense ads. You can therefore help your WP based blogs of sites in displaying these ads in an effective way employing different plugins. The below is the list of top WordPress Plugins which can help you in increasing your Adsense revenue.


AdSense Integrator


This plugin is created to display and manage different AdSense ads as per the last Adsense updates and Google rules. It is among the popular ones which promise you feature like simple copy and paste of ads codes for integrating Adsense in your blog posts. It set different types of ads for pages; it helps you in selecting a proper section over your blog for ad display. You do not require any PHP knowledge to manage these ads since all the settings are properly configured via WordPress Options. You can easily test several formats and positions amending your current ads.




It is regarded among the most robust kind of WP Plugins for maximizing your Adsense revenue. It helps you in creating and managing different banners without any hassle. Adrotate has several useful features including giving the user a complete summary of WP Dashboard Widget, helping you in your group banner management task, monitors per click, and keep a check over banner campaign expiry date.


AdSense Now


It is among the most user friendly plugin made for bloggers and online marketers used to make money via Google Adsense. The best part of AdSense Now is that it puts your Adsense code into three different spots over your blog posts and pages (including the current ones and the codes to be written in the future). Its features includes, executing the Google policy of not less than the three ad blocks per web page. It comes with the most simple configuration interface. You have the option to suppress different ads over all the web pages, or over the home page category/archive/tag listings. Lastly, it is powered with several international languages support.


WhyDoWork AdSense


This plugin is popular for working with Google Adsense and making good money out of it. It helps you in inserting the Adsense code to your blog or site without actually hampering your template file. The several features of WhyDoWork AdSense include defining up to ten different Adsense code sets. It also helps in the standard vertical alignments of all your ads. Lastly, it helps you in excluding different ads at one post page.




This plugin is among the most powerful and user friendly kind of Ad management system for your WP based sites and blogs. The features of Ad-minister include automatic setup of the ads, proper ad-rotation, and effective managing and scheduling different ad campaigns.


Wrapping up


The Google Adsense program helps you in promoting and selling your different ad space to other people relevant to your niche area. In fact, it has become the most easy and quickest way to make money. At the same time it is considered as a difficult task, however, using the above WP plugins you can easily end up making good revenue from your Adsense campaigns.


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  1. Well Suggested Plugin Bryan, In my opinion “WP Insert” works better for me, i just have to add my code in its panel and all goes live, it is very easy and fast in my opinion, by the way good suggestion of plugins!

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